Monday, January 14, 2008

Cosmetics: Inexpensive and good quality?

I love finding inexpensive makeup and skin care products, but I hesitate to spend any money on a product I'm unsure of. I've come to value Paula Begoun's cosmetics evaluations for her honesty and straightforwardness--and for her attention to great, low-cost products. She reviews cosmetics in all price ranges and lists approximate prices in her reviews. She just came out with her Best of 2007, which has a few rather inexpensive items--I paid particular attention to the e.l.f., Jane, and Rimmel reviews (remember the $2 Jane coupon here).

Paula also offers a searchable archive of product reviews that I check when I'm looking for a new, low-cost makeup item.


CC said...

Great resource! I've read her a few years ago, but then lost her website info. Where do you find e.l.f. products? So cheap! Do the drugstores carry them?

Bethany said...

CC: I've seen them at Kmart, and they're also sold at the company's website: (though shipping costs may negate your savings...).

Marnie said...

I was at BIG LOTS today, and I saw some e.l.f. products, first time I ever saw them actually. They look like a nice line, comparable with big name brands.