Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Saving on Shaving

I ran across an interesting article this afternoon on how to get the most out of a razor. To sum it up, razors last longer if you dry them after each use. It's not primarily use that wears them out, but corrosion. While I try to pay little or nothing for razors anyway, I'm always happy to make them last longer.


Anonymous said...

Theoretically (or from a science perspective), you could reduce the speed of corrosion by coating the blades with vaseline or oil of some kind, the same way that shining your car with wax or oiling a bike chain will ward off rusting. It creates a protective layer between the metal and the air (ie oxygen), thus reducing oxidization. I've tried using vaseline, but the problem is that if you don't wipe the vaseline off before using the razor, it can get goopy since the vaseline doesn't wash away easily. But maybe oil would work better, since that washes away with a little soap.