Friday, January 4, 2008

Walgreens: free Dove chocolate?

Some have reported that the Dove Limited Edition Chocolate Pecan Pie aren't marked on the shelves, but ring up for $.87 at their store (part of the Christmas mark-downs). There is a coupon for $2/2 in the January EasySaver catalog. Use the coupon for some amazing free chocolate.

You might want to price-check the chocolate before you load up on it--the price may vary from store to store. I wish I could have tested the deal for y'all (just because I'm thoughtful like that :-P ), but my Walgreens was cleaned out. My guess is that someone else discovered the deal.


Emily said...

I didn't find any of the Pecan Pie Dove chocolate, but one day this week I found Christmas Dove chocolates for .87 a bag and bought 2 with the coupon. The coupon price adjusted, not sure if that is a new thing. I went back for more, and they were cleaned out, but really, do we need more chocolate around this place!?!

Bethany said...

I certainly don't need more chocolate... but it makes great gifts. As if we need another excuse to buy the stuff. :-)