Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Walgreens: Kleenex deal

There's a February EasySaver Rebate for $1 on three boxes Kleenex and the 120-count boxes are on sale this week for .89 with the 7-day coupon. There is also a recent coupon for .50/3. Here's the math:

.89 (7-day cpn price)
x 3
-.50 (manufacturer's coupon)
-1.00 (ESR)

Total per box: .39

Edit: The 120-count is not listed in the EasySaver booklet as applicable for the rebate, but it is listed on the Walgreens website. YMMV, but they should honor what their site says.


Sparrow said...

I thought the same thing. But the rebate is on either 82, 180, or 280count. The Walgreens coupon is for only the 80 count or the 120 count.


Still a good deal with the 50 cents off coupon though!

Bethany said...

Sparrow: Thanks for noting what the ES booklet says. However, the Walgreens site says that the 120 size is included, so I would still try to do it. They should honor what their site says. Here's the site list of rebate-applicable items: http://www.walgreens.com/store/rebateclub2.jsp?OFFERNUMBER=39