Friday, January 25, 2008

Kmart: Blue Light Specials

For a variety of reasons, I don't particularly like Kmart. Or more accurately, I particularly don't like Kmart. But that's probably the wrong way to start a post telling you how to get a good deal there. :-)

There are two things that I love about Kmart, and that's what keeps me making an occasional trip there.

First, I like that they post coupon tearpads with products. I am sometimes able to find coupons there that I'll later use at Walgreens or another store for a good deal.

Second, sometimes they have steals in their blue-light specials. A while back I found a 6-pack of Ensure for $.86. It was an item I shop for anyway, so I picked it up. When I checked out, the machine printed a Catalina for $1 off any Kmart purchase. I wasn't expecting it to be a money-maker!

Kmart doesn't offer the nicest presentation I've ever seen, but the flipside is that the older merchandise looks, the cheaper it seems to be. Last night I came upon a blue light stand in a corner of the store that appeared it had been deserted. A long time ago. There were several bruised-looking packages of ladies' underwear, marked down to $3.50. I put one in my cart, and when I passed the price checker, I scanned it. $.90 for a six-pack. Score! All told I paid $.18 a pair for the package.

It pays to look for abused merchandise--and to see out those weird blue-highlighted display tables. :-)


Veggiemomof2 said...

After being disappointed in this store time after time, I swore to myself I wouldn't go back in there. I was so tired of going in for an advertised sale only to find they didn't have it, wasn't advertised appropriately, couldn't find an associate, or all of the above. But maybe the trick is to go in expecting nothing & find coupons! lol