Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale

I generally avoid the mall (mainly due to the tendency to waste my time/money), but stopped by with my sister this afternoon. Bath & Body Works is at the tail end of their semi-annual sale, and there are some bargains to be had--if you find the items worth your money. I had a gift card from Christmas, and didn't think I'd find much better deals than I was able to come by today. I paid about $10 for over $66 of products.

If you decide the sale is worth it for you, a couple of tips:

1. Do it now

It's toward the end of the sale and they seem more eager to get rid of things=better clearance.

2. Think ahead

What are you going to need gifts for in the next few months? Birthdays? Graduations?

3. Go for the deepest discounts

I found some on the $2 shelves, some on the 75% off tables.

4. Get another discount

I had recently been in this very store and made a purchase. My receipt printed a feedback poll number, with an offer of $10 off a $30 purchase. I filled out the phone survey and got my code. I wasn't sure if they'd let me combine it with the sale, but the cashier never batted an eyelash. (In case you're wondering about the math here, my sister and I checked out together, with a combined total of about $30 pre-discount.)

I don't know if the feedback forms are a local thing or a nationwide promo. You could always buy one cheap item to get the feedback form, then complete it (if it printed) and make your larger purchase.

5. And add a freebie

Sign up for Bath & Body Works email list and they'll send you a coupon for a 2 oz. lotion--free with any purchase.

6. Only buy what you can really afford

If it's not in your budget, it really won't hurt you to pass up the sale this time around. :-) It comes around again every January and June.


Veggiemomof2 said...

Just to let you know..the semi-annual sales are June & December. :) I never miss them..I stock up on wallflowers & refills for $5 ea

Latha said...

Does anyone know when it is in December?

JessT79 said...

Hi. I just happened to come upon your blog when I was looking what is usually for sale during the BB&W sales.

The sale starts the day after Christmas until the 3rd week of Jan.

Happy Shopping :-)