Monday, December 3, 2007

Jane Makeup: Better Than Free

Walgreens is offering Jane Be Pure Mineral cosmetics free after EasySaver Rebate for the month of December. This is obviously a pretty good deal by itself, but it gets sweeter: Sign up for Jane's email list and they'll give you a printable coupon for $2 off any Jane Cosmetics purchase. Walgreens will send the rebate for the full purchase price, even though you used a coupon to buy it. For greater savings, request your reabate in the form of a gift card--they'll add 10% to the total amount.


CC said...

Why is it every time I try to sign up for the email list it says "server error"! Aargh! I've probably tried a dozen times now on different computers and different browsers. :(

Bethany said...

CC, I'm not the most computer-savvy individual, but I'd recommend you try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files (via your internet settings) and retrying the site.