Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Walgreens: Jane makeup moneymaker

Jane cosmetics are on sale BOGO at Walgreens this week. Much of the Jane makeup is clearanced right now, making for some pretty sweet deals. However, if you have the $2/1 coupon (or several of them), you may also be able to get overage on these. The clearanced makeup is reportedly $2.19-$2.59. If you have two $2/1 coupons, you could potentially get $1.81 in overage. (As always with overage, YMMV. Be sure you have enough other items to absorb your overage.)

Here's the math on this deal:

2.19 (for example)
+ 2.19
- 2.19 (BOGO)
- 4.00 (2 $2/1 coupons)

Edit: The February EasySaver catalog, which begins on January 25, has a coupon for $2 off several varieties of Jane mascara. As this is a store coupon, it may be combined with the $2 manufacturer's coupon for an even sweeter deal!


Carolyn F said...

Great suggestion -- I bought 1 makeup brush for $5.99, six cosmetics, and walked out for $4.96.

Lorelei said...

Thanks for the tips! I got 6 makeup items retailing at $27 for only 43 cents!!