Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dimetapp Rebate

If you're taking advantage of the free+overage Dimetapp deal at Walgreens this week, you might also want to do the Wyeth MIR. It was in the September 23 insert, and offers $5 back on 3 products purchased. Just remember to separate your transactions for Wyeth rebate receipts from your Walgreens EasySaver Rebate receipts.


Darby Jane said...

Bethany, a quick question...
call me really dumb, but I am new to the coupon/rebate world...I am assuming overage is when you pay $1 for an item, and have a coupon for $2 for that item...this is where I am lost, what do they let you do with the left over dollar? Can it be applied towards other items purchased?

Bethany said...

Darby Jane,

That's not a dumb question at all. Thanks for asking. Yes, overage is the result when you have coupons and/or rebates that net more than the actual price of the item. Usually I will just add extra items to my transaction to cover the overage and it's not even an issue with the store. Occasionally a store or a particular clerk will make an issue of it, in which case they can adjust a coupon down (or, in the case of Walgreens, adjust the item price up to cover the coupon). Does that make sense?