Monday, March 3, 2008

Walgreens scenarios: March 2-8

With all the great RR deals on at Walgreens this week, here are some scenario ideas to maximize your savings. These are particularly meant for those who are new to Walgreens (or don't have past RRs or gift cards to use) and want to minimize their OOP expenses and maximize future return.

Transaction #1:

Buy 6 trial size (1.7 oz) Pantene shampoo or conditioner
Or, I just read that the Herbal Essences trial size have worked, and they're cheaper than the Pantene.

Pay about $6-8 OOP

Receive $12 RR

Transaction #2:

Buy Venus Embrace or Fusion Phenom razor for 9.99
1 filler, such as a pencil or inexpensive clearance item (I recently saw super glue for .10)

Use $4 RR, $4 coupon (Embrace may be found in the 3/2 paper and Phenom may be found in the 2/10 paper)

Pay about $2.15

Receive $5 RR

Transaction #3:

Repeat transaction #1, except use your razor RR to pay for $5 of the transaction. OOP should be around $1-3, depending on which product you buy.

Transaction #4:

Same as transaction #2.

You can continue to roll the RRs as above, saving the extras for later use. You can then use your saved RRs to purchase FAR items, stretching your savings farther.

For all of this week's deals, click here.


lizzykristine said...

How fascinating that the trial sizes are included!! I might have to go back to Walgreens again. :)

I went last night and silly me, I only grabbed one pkg of soap. Of course, the RR didn't print. I laughed out loud later that night when I realized what I'd done.

But an interesting thing happened: since my RR didn't print, they gave me a form to fill out and mail off for a RR. I'd never heard of that happening before -- have you? The form was dated expressly for this week's deals.

Too bad I won't be able to pursue it since I only grabbed one pkg of soap. ;)

Bethany said...

Lizzy Kristine:

Regarding the RR not printing: If it ever happens again, I would recommend you check out this post--this method seems to be much quicker than the mail-in form, and it's free to boot.