Monday, March 3, 2008

Walgreens: RR update

Here are a few updates for those doing the P&G RR deals this week. These are based on what has seemed to work and not work for people. If you experience something different, leave a comment to let us know.

It appears that you cannot roll the RRs from the bar soap to the body wash/hair care deal. That is, if you pay with your bar soap RRs, your RR for the body wash/hair care deal will not print.

The trial size (1.7 oz.) Pantene shampoo and conditioner are producing the RRs. They are usually about $1.29 each, so this would be a great moneymaker for someone just getting started with Walgreens (total would be around $8.00). Edit: I just read that the Herbal Essences trial size are also producing the RRs and are a bit cheaper. You should be able to buy 6 for about $6.

According to Crystal at Money Saving Mom, Walgreens corporate has stated that there are some glitches in this promotion. In particular, it seems that the Herbal Essences hair care items aren't consistently printing the promised RRs. For more details, check out her post here.

For the full details on this week's deals, read this post. For scenario ideas, click here.


Coral said...

Trial size - you can buy 6 at $1.29 each and get $12 back? Is that the way I understand it?

The ad lists the trial (for Pantene) as being part of it, but makes it look like they are still 6 for $20.