Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New website: Christian Couponers

If you want to get in on the beginning stages of a new couponing forum, you might check out Christian Couponers. They're looking to grow their (free) membership, and the administrator seems very helpful and friendly. Drop by today!


billythekid said...

Thanks! I am the owner of this board. I would like to personally welcome anyone to our home. It is not fancy, and it doesn't have all of the thrills as some sites (although, I did put in an arcade (-= ) BUT, our intentions are good, and here, you do not have to be condemned for expressing a love for Christ. Stop by and see us today, it is completely free - help us grow together, in more ways that one.

chixwithkidz5 said...

I can personally say, the admin is awesome. Much thanks to him for all of his time and effort!!