Friday, March 21, 2008

Walgreens: Possible free Bic razors

The other day I saw these packages of razors on the Walgreens' clearance shelf. I glanced at them, but moved on because they didn't have a price tag and I assumed they weren't that great a deal anyway. (Cheers to me for jumping on conclusions. ;-) )

I was at Walgreens again yesterday, attempting to use some expiring RRs and saw the razors still hanging out on the clearance shelf. My two favorite beauty advisers were working and I asked one of them to price check the razors. They rang up at $1.00. There are $1.00 coupons in the March EasySaver catalog (page 12), so I ended up getting four packages completely free.

Moral of the story? 1. Check clearance areas. 2. Price check items without tags. 3. Don't forget the check the EasySaver catalog for items you find on clearance. :-)


Bev said...

Is there usually one location for all their clearance merchandise, or is it spread throughout the store?

Bethany said...


It varies. There will often be an end cap close to the H&B products with all sorts of clearance, but you may find some products on the shelf with orange clearance tags. Investigate a bit and just keep your eyes open! :-)