Friday, March 14, 2008

Walgreens: How you can help the Beauty Advisers

I recently mentioned a Walgreens Beauty Adviser sharing ways we can help the Beauty Advisers. Several of you asked for specifics and now I'm finally getting around to passing those on. (This gets a bit complicated, so hang in there.)

Problem: Walgreens corporate has recently begun a test program in some stores which may result in the removal of Beauty Advisers (BAs). Obviously, this is of great concern to the BAs. Although the program is only in testing at this point, corporate has removed the commissions of the non-senior BAs in these stores.

What we can do: It's really quite simple. At select stores, there is a green Help buton at the Cosmetics counter. Push it as often as you legitimately can. Corporate is tracking how often the button is pushed, in an effort to determine how easily they could eliminate the BAs.

The BAs at my store are consistently helpful and friendly and go the extra mile with my coupons and multiple transactions--all without complaining. I know of others who have had the BAs offer coupons from their own stash on an item a customer is buying. For many of us, our shopping experience would be very different without them around. The least we can do is express our gratitude by helping them out.

You could even contact corporate and let them know how much you appreciate your BAs.

Other ideas on how to help the BAs...

1. If you have extra coupons for health and beauty items, offer them to the BAs. Many keep a stash to share with customers.

2. Figure out your transaction(s) before you get to the register, so that you can be as efficient as possible.

3. Be pleasant and courteous. It's always nicer to work with someone who is polite.

4. If there's a line at the register and you have several transactions, wait to check out.

What do you do to make your couponing easier on cashiers and other store employees?


bcarr said...

Thank you for your support. It's really appreciated. I'm one of those Walgreen Beauty Advisors who loves to look out for my customers with that stash of coupons under the cosmetic counter. It's fun to find the weekly good deals for customers (and myself). Please ring that bell. If you have time a letter of support for us would be great. Revlon and Rimmel cosmetics are buy 1 get 1 free this coming week starting 3/16/08. Also Physicians Formula is 40% off. Brenda from Portland

Bethany said...


Thanks for your input! If you have any other ideas to add, I'm all ears.

Lynette said...

Hi, i 'm going to go check out those new Revlon products and m ay purchase some this coming week.Does your Walgreens have that Revlon products catalog for beayty advisors?My local Walgreens had one, but they threw it out and the video they got from Revlon.I think i might have some extra couponsi can give to the beauty advisors at my local Walgreens.