Monday, March 31, 2008

Walgreens Q&A: Rebates and Register Rewards

Question from Kim: I've never done walgreens before. Do they have a limit to their deals? I have about 10 Tylenol PM $2 off coupons, could I use them all?

Answer: Walgreens has a limit of one of each Register Rewards promotion per transaction. In other words, you would have to do ten transactions in order to use your coupons and have the Register Rewards print. Beyond that, it may vary by store. If you make friends with your cashier, let other customers go in front of you, and are pleasant and courteous, you're more likely to be allowed to do multiple transactions.

Question from Becky: Can you tell me if you need to buy the Colgate/Palmolive products all on the same receipt to get the rebate?

Answer: Generally speaking, Walgreens does not require you to buy all items on a multiple-item rebate in the same transaction.

And if you have trouble obtaining a rebate receipt, you might be interested in what Marly wrote:

A manager at my Walgreens claims that there is absolutely no way for them to print a duplicate or rebate receipt. I called the toll-free EasySaver number, and they told me that you can ask the manager for an "electronic journal" of your purchase, and they will accept that for their rebates.


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Thanks for answering my question :)

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Kim said...

That limit on RR is specifically why I prever CVS. I can use as many ECB's as I want in each transaction.