Saturday, March 8, 2008

Walgreens deals: March 9-15

The pickings are slimmer than last week, but there are a some good deals to be had at Walgreens this week. If nothing else, you can pick up some cheap or better Jane makeup. :-)

Moneymaker: (13 cans) Hunt's tomato sauce or (11 cans) Van Campen pork & beans: use 7-day coupon, then send in for EasySaver rebate #49. (Amount spent is calculated before coupons.) If you buy the tomato sauce, your after-coupon total should be $4.33; the pork and beans total would be $4.29. (This is without considering the $5 rebate you will receive in return.) Edit: Apparently due to an unadvertised sale, the tomato sauce is not ringing up as expected. While you can still get a good deal, it's a bit more complicated. To get the best deal, do four transactions of tomato sauce, using the 7-day coupon each time. First transaction: four cans. Second transaction: four cans. Third transaction: four cans. Fourth transaction: three cans. Send all receipts in for EasySaver rebate. Your total spent should come out to just under $5, making it FAR.

Jane cosmetics: BOGO, use with this printable $2/1 coupon.

Sunsilk: 2/4.29; use with 1.50-2.50 coupons from 2/24 inserts or the printable coupons available by clicking here.

Trident Splash gum: BOGO, use with this printable BOGO coupon or the BOGO from the 3/9 insert.

Windex: $5/2; use Windex Antibacterial BOGO coupon from the 2/24 insert, then send in for the $2/2 EasySaver rebate.

Aquafresh toothpaste: 7-day coupon for .99, use with $1/1 coupons from 2/10 paper insert or this printable.

L'Oreal or HiP lipcolor: BOGO.

Red Kiss implements & appliances: BOGO.

There are B2G2 coupons out on the Russell Stover Easter eggs, but you might save those in case Walgreens does another brief round of coupons before Easter.

This week's ad scans my be found by clicking here, compliments of Irish Lass and Hot Coupon World.


MoneyCommonSense said...

With the windex, you can use the BOGO coupon and also the $0.40 on the other bottle. It should come to $0.10 for two bottles of windex antibacterial multisurface

Anonymous said...

The Hunts tomato sauce coupon says limit 6. How would you do this since you need to buy 11?

Bethany said...

Money Common Sense:

Thanks for pointing that out!


While the Walgreens coupons do state limits, I've rarely seen them imposed. I'm guessing they state the limit so that they're free to refer to it if people try to haul off huge quantities of merchandise. There is, however, a bit of a glitch with the tomato sauce this week--I'll be updating the original post.

Anonymous said...

Is the printable Aquafresh coupon right? Its not real clear?

Bethany said...


Follow the links through to the end--you should be able to print your coupons.

Anonymous said...

When you say the coupons can be found in the 'insert', what insert are you referring to? The smart source??? Thanks!!!

Bethany said...


By insert I am referring to a Sunday paper coupon flier--Valassis, Red Plum, P&G, or Smart Source.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing up the 'inserts'.
I've been getting some great deals thanks to your blog.

Amphritrite said...

Mrph, my Wags hates me - with the Jane sale, the assistant manager said that she couldn't take all of my coupons because that would make the products free.

...uh. Yeah. That's the idea.