Monday, March 24, 2008

Make-it-Yourself Monday: Fabric softener

Today's Make-it-Yourself Monday idea is inspired by Thrifty Fun. Personally, I don't usually use fabric softener, but if you can't survive without the stuff, here's a fun alternative... :-)

Dryer "sheets"

6 C. water
3 C. vinegar
2 C. hair conditioner (this would be a great use for conditioner you've gotten free or cheap)

Combine all in gallon container. Stir to mix. Dispense from spray bottle.

To use, saturate a clean washcloth or rag with softener. Dry in dryer with clean clothes.

Note: Since fabric softener reduces the absorbency of fabric, you may wish to avoid using it on your towels, rags, washcloths, and any other items used to soak up liquid.

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