Saturday, March 29, 2008

Walgreens Q&A: Double-dip rebates

Debi wrote with the following question regarding rebates:

I looked at the rebate offer for the Just for Men Haircolor and to get the $8 rebate, you had to submit an original register receipt. You also have to submit an original register receipt for the Walgreens Rebate. How do you do that?

Thanks for asking, Debi. When you need to submit original receipts for both store rebates and manufacturer's rebates, the simplest method is to request a rebate receipt from the store. You cannot submit a rebate receipt for the Walgreens rebates, so use the rebate receipt for the manufacturer's rebate. (If your cashier doesn't know how to print a rebate receipt, nicely ask for further assistance--a manager should know how to do it.)


Veggiemomof2 said...

Thank you. You've told me this before, but when I asked the cashier about it, I didn't specifically ask for a "rebate receipt" & he's like "i can't print a duplicate receipt" :O

Now I'll know how to ask properly & can ask for a manager if needed.

Anonymous said...

Some states are now online with the Walgreens rebate, I did ask for a duplicate but then realized WI is one of them.
You wouldn't need a duplicate then?

Niki said...

Thanks for the info!

I linked ya over at my blog for my Sunday Link Love---I like your blog!


Marly said...

A (very unhelpful) manager at my Walgreens claims that there is absolutely no way for them to print a duplicate or rebate receipt. I called the toll-free EasySaver number, and they told me that you can ask the manager for an "electronic journal" of your purchase, and they will accept that for their rebates.

A different (also unhelpful) manager later told me that an electronic journal will NOT be accepted for rebates, but a SECOND call to EasySaver confirmed that they will.

If it wasn't for the awesome deals in the EasySaver catalog, I don't think I'd ever set foot in a Walgreens. *eye roll*

Bethany said...


Right--if you have the option of online submission, I'd definitely take advantage of that and completely avoid the rebate receipt issue.

Mrs Nespy said...

Loving the online rebates. I hope they instate it for everyone as it is quick and easy!

Becky@FamilyandFinances said...

I noticed that when you go to the Just for Men website, you get two $2 coupons printed out. I haven't done it yet, so I'm not positive it will work out, but I think I'm going to use one $2 coupon for the Walgreen's rebate (making it free plus $2 back). Then, I'll buy a second Just for Men item with the second coupon (as a separate transaction and maybe not even at Walgreens) and send that in for the manufacturer's rebate. If I'm thinking of it correctly, that will give me a total of $4 overage!

tlmcmurray said...

I spoke with the manager tonight & was told that they only do rebate receipts "at Christmas". He states "Corporate shuts it off" I even had the directions on how to print it out.

Bethany said...


You might try going at a different time of day or to a different store. I can verify that they still printed very recently, but that doesn't mean an employee will actually attempt to do it. You might also email Walgreens corporate and ask them if that is indeed their policy.