Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Walgreens: Last week

My computer and I have both been sick for a few days, so posting will probably remain slow until we recover. :-) I did, however, want to share a couple things I hope are inspirational.

I was quite happy with the results of last week's $5/20 Walgreens coupon--I ended up spending about $5 OOP, getting $7 in Register Rewards, and I have $5.99 in ES rebates coming. I'm really liking the savings atmosphere at Walgreens these days! Here's what I picked up:

In a separate transaction, I attempted to purchase this:

However, when I handed the cashier the $1 StudioLine EasySaver coupon, she informed me that the coupon was only for the new line of products, not the marked-down ones I picked up (they were .99, not the 2/$3 the stickers indicate). She seemed rather disgruntled, mumbling something about not being supposed to do that. I said okay, why doesn't she take those items off my order?

When she realized I wouldn't be buying the items, she seemed to have a sudden flash of cash register brilliance and grudgingly attempted to scan the coupon. It worked perfectly--the above cost a total of $2.31, and the Chapstick produced a $2 RR.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Just ask... and make sure you're more than courteous, especially if the cashier is being difficult.


Lorelei said...

You are so correct when you say "just ask" and "be courteous". I ran into a similar situation when I tried to use a $2 jane coupon with the jane mascara coupon from the Easy Saver. She told me that I couldn't use 2 Q's on the same item. I explained how one was a manuf coupon and one was a Walgreens coupon so that I could. I asked her to please just scan it. She did, and it worked! I think I taught her something! Had I been rude or not asked, I would have lost out on that extra savings.