Monday, February 25, 2008

Walgreens: Dr. Katz Perio Therapy moneymaker

There is a March Walgreens EasySaver rebate for $10 Dr. Katz Perio Therapy Gum Care System. In some areas there were $8 coupons in the 1/27 paper inserts or you can find a $5 printable coupon here. Check the box before buying, but I'm hearing reports of a $10 mail-in manufacturer's rebate. The manufacturer's rebate expires March 1, 2008.

Before your order is rung up, make sure you request a rebate receipt. It will print an extra receipt that may be mailed in for the manufacturer's rebate, then your original may be sent to Walgreens for the EasySaver rebate.

Note: The normal price for this item is 19.99. However, some managers apparently have the kit on megasaver for $10 all month long. At that price, this would be a moneymaker (with the coupon) even if you missed the manufacturer's mail-in rebate.


Kim said...

Interesting, I will look for it tommorrow when I get the month's freebies :)

glenda said...

I was so disappointed today. I had the $8 coupon, found the product, but they were unable to print a rebate receipt. The manager offered to copy it for me. He knew I was trying for both rebates without my telling him. I don't know if they really did not know how to print a rebate receipt or whether he was just unwilling. I saved my $8 coupon.

Hope others have better luck.

Bethany said...

If you think he was just being difficult, you can always try it at a different time of day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also couldn't get them to print a dup receipt. Kind of sad, but it was $19.99 plus I had a $5 coupon and I will get $10 back, so after taxes, it will work out to $6.50, not a bad deal, but could be better. They did however have the toothpaste for $5.99 ("last chance") and a $5.00 rebate (plus I have a $1.00 coupon for it.) So in the end I will end up okay with them on this.

Shirley said...

I asked my favorite cashier at the cosmetic counter if she could also give me a rebate receipt, and even explained why, (for both rebates). She said, "I have this button here, I'm not sure if this will do it, but I'll try." And presto- a separate rebate receipt! It even says at the top,"Walgreens rebate receipt".