Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bakery outlet: Healthful, inexpensive bread

I love high-quality bread with a variety of grains and seeds, yet I rarely take the time to make yeast bread and I find grocery store prices slightly ridiculous. Several years ago, I accidentally discovered our local bakery outlet. I've grown to love that place. I am regularly delighted to walk out with delicious bread at a very reasonable price. (Large loaves are usually $1.25-1.33, though I've gotten them for $1.00.)

Many of the other bakery items are standard junk food (and overpriced at that), but their bread is enough to keep me coming back.

It may take some creativity to find out if there's a bakery outlet in your area. Look in the yellow pages, ask friends, check with your local grocery store, do a google search.

Something else that I like about my bakery outlet is their discount punch card. I get it initialed each time I make a purchase, and eventually I'll get $5 of free bread.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, for us the closet outlet is about 45 minutes away, so not worth it. We used to live down the street from one in our last house...
I miss the deals!

Kristin said...

Did you know you can also find great deals on all natural and organic goods at the bakery outlet?? I was amazed when I saw the Bob's Red Mill Wheat Germ, Falxseed Meal as well as some of their other hot cereals and grains marked down about a $1 from the grocery store!!

My local outlet is a Wonder Hostess Outlet but it seems they buy up other companies day-olds as well!

Julie said...

I love our outlet. They have a table with loaves nearing there "sell by" date and these are priced at $0.49 each. I'll get a couple of these and pop them in the freezer. I couldn't make bread for this price. Great tip!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to check the labels on that bread. Last time I looked at any Sara Lee brand, regardless of what it says on the big print, the little print says enriched flour and high fructose corn syrup. Not really so healthy.