Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Walgreens: SpaRewards

While the Wyeth/Walgreens SpaRewards promotion started before I began this blog, Crystal's input and my own success (just today) inspired me to share how it ended up working. It took a number of weeks for the promotion to come through, but it didn't take a lot my time in the actual procuring of the rewards.

I first talked with a SpaRewards representative in December, who told me it would take "up to fourteen business days" for them to make arrangements with the salon I chose. I've tried calling several times since then, but when I reached real people, their answers were frustrating and even contradictory.

Perhaps a month ago, I called the Walgreens rebate hotline (rather than the SpaRewards hotline). While I felt more like I was heard, they still didn't offer substantial help. About three weeks ago, I sent Walgreens an email, explaining the problem and the lengths I'd gone to in an attempt to resolve it. It seemed that I was getting nowhere with the SpaRewards hotline, and I was concerned that the certificates would expire before I even had a chance to use them.

I knew of others that received gift certificates, and would be grateful if that was an option for me.

This afternoon, I received a phone call from Walgreens, confirming the salon I wanted to use. The gentleman I spoke with told me he would make the arrangements and call me back in about ten minutes. Five minutes later, my phone rang, and he relayed the message that I have a $100 gift certificate waiting for me at the salon. I am to send my reward certificates to an address that he provided, and then the remainder of my gift certificates will be purchased.

I'm thrilled with the arrangement--makes me think it was worth the wait. Since I am receiving gift certificates, I can buy whatever I want, and, I'm assuming, use the certificates toward tax and tip. Additionally, most gift certificates are good for at least a year, so I should be well supplied with hair care for the next year. :-)

I am a happy camper... And I can't wait to get my hair done! :-)

Note: Particularly because of all the confusion surrounding this promotion, I am documenting the mailing of my SpaRewards certificates just as I would a rebate. That means my name and address on each reward certificate, and pictures of the certificates before I mail them.


Emily said...

That's a really neat arrangement that you were able to make with them. I've been discouraged with the lack of communication on the part of the Spa Rewards place, too. I'm really hesitant to book my appt. because I'm afraid I'll get there and then I'll have to pay because Spa Rewards never paid them. I'm also disappointed because initially there was a spa like 7 miles from me and now the closest one they're telling me is 25.

Bethany said...

Emily: I'd encourage you to email Walgreens corporate (*not* the SpaRewards folks) and explain your situation. I'm nobody special--they should give you the same treatment they did me. :-)

Particularly with the redemption extention, I'd wait and try to work it out for the spa you'd like to go to. Twenty-five miles is quite a ways to drive!