Friday, December 21, 2007

Walgreens: $5 off WYB $20... round two!

I don't know what's up with Walgreens lately, but they're doing another $5/$20 promotion. Perhaps they're trying to compete with CVS. It certainly wouldn't bother me! :-)

I finished my Christmas shopping this afternoon (I think that's a record for me: four days before Christmas), and I'm really not thinking of anything I need at Walgreens. (The B1G2 Patriot candles tugged on my heart... until I reminded myself that I didn't like any of the scents they had in stock earlier this week.) It certainly is tempting, though. Perhaps I should show visiting family members our local Walgreens, and make it a family affair. :-)

The email I received also hinted at a one-day special on Sunday, accessed by clicking the same link.


Emily said...

Sheesh, I've already been twice this week, I don't know if I can justify another trip! :-) Oh, I'm sure I can come up with some reason! I got 6 bottles of conditioner over there for a total of $.94. I could have gotten it for less, but the guy didn't know how to price adjust and I didn't want to fight it, I figured $.94 wasn't bad. Maybe I can use the coupon tomorrow on more Sunsilk conditioner.

Bethany said...

Emily, I'm loving Walgreens clearance these days, too--and when you add in Catalinas and 5/20 deals, it just keeps getting better. :-)