Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Savings Saturday: Kroger

Though I'm really excited about my deals this week, most of them are Christmas gifts and therefore still under wraps. But it was a great week for Kroger... and none of that is a Christmas secret! Due to weather issues, I hadn't done much grocery shopping recently, and this was a great week to catch up. I actually made two Kroger purchases, and I didn't do too well the second time around. In fact, I was shocked to discover that my second purchase, which consisted of four boxes of cereal and a bottle of vinegar, cost more than everything else in the picture below. Ouch!

I didn't need more cereal, but I've been wanting to make puppy chow for Christmas and this seemed like a good chance to pick up the cereal. The Chex wasn't on sale, but it worked toward the $4/4 General Mills cereal deal. And I did not need the Reeses Puffs, but I've been tempted by the Chocolate Chex Mix for weeks, and the Puffs boxes each had a coupon for a free bag of Chocolate Mix--and the Puffs were cheaper than the mix.

My total for the first order (everything except the vinegar and cereal) was $6.07, and my second order (the vinegar and four cereals) was an inglorious $6.98. All in all not that bad, but I like the averages of the first order better. :-) My total before discounts on that order was $40+.

I was also able to find some great deals at K-Mart and Target this week.

Visit Crystal at Money Saving Mom for lots of saving success stories.


~Cindy~ said...

wow you did great...I love reading about frugal shopping..I have you bookmarked in my frugal blogs file..keep on inspiring me..~C~