Saturday, December 8, 2007

Super Savings Saturday

I'm feeling rather festive tonight... Christmas music is playing, the trees are lit, tea is brewing (I love Celestial Seasonings Christmas teas :-) ), candles are burning, it's icy and cold outside, and I'm happy to be indoors. Here's the result of this week's trip to Walgreens:

My total came to $20.68. (The receipt proclaimed savings was $39.70, but I always tend to think those numbers are inflated... :-) ) I paid with my Walgreens gift card (result of past months' EasySaver rebates), received a $10 Catalina, and should get $10.45 in EasySaver rebates as a result of my purchases (includes 10% gift card bonus), so my effective total spent is $0.23. I could have done better, but with Christmas coming up, I'm okay with spending a bit more.

Since I bought very few groceries this week, I almost didn't post a picture. But, should anyone be curious, here's what I picked up at Kroger and our local produce market:

The apples were $1.99 for a three pound bag, BOGO, so I picked up two bags. Limes were clearanced to $.79 a bag, and the tomatoes to $2.49. My total at the market was $5.64. At Kroger, the sour cream was on sale (though not an amazing one) and I had coupons, making them $.79 each, and I rolled the yeast deal one more time with a coupon a friend gave me. My favorite find at Kroger was the raspberries--on manager's special at $1.00 per box. I love fresh raspberries, but the price is usually insane, so I skip them. I used three yeast Catalinas when I paid, bringing my total to $2.75. I also received another $.50 Catalina on the yeast, which will double to $1.00 on my next order.

For more savings inspiration, visit the Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

I'm off to enjoy my cup of tea and get some things in order (hello, dirty dishes... :-) ). Hope you have a restful Sunday and stay warm!


cheapmama said...

Hey Bethany,
I think you did great on your deals. Hey just wanted to tell you that Clinique is giving away eye cream(called all about eyes) and also plump lip shine. You don't have to buy anything. I went to the counter yesterday and asked for my free stuff. Also, I saw that in the smartsource coupons for this week, there is a coupon for Keri Body lotion for $5.00 off. Well, at Walgreens, it is $15.00. You also get a $10.00 rebate on it, which means the lotion is FREE!!! YEA!!! Just some stuff off the very top of my head. Looking forward to seeing more of your great deals. :)