Monday, December 17, 2007

Energizer Printable Coupon

Suzanne sent me information on this Energizer coupon (right side of page, in the middle)... You could combine with rebate deals at Walgreens this month for a better deal.

Edit: The Energizer rechargeable batteries and charger is priced at $9.99, with a $10 rebate. Add the $2.00 coupon for a bit of profit.

And again: I didn't realize until I went to print the coupon myself that you had to buy two Energizer products. Could still be a good deal, but a bit more complicated.


dave & rachel said...

Will this qualify for the Energizer rebate? how do you know that it does? Just wondering!

Bethany said...

Rachel, if you're meaning the EasySaver rebate, yes, it should work. The coupon states "any two Energizer products," so I don't know what problem there could be. The Energizer products included in the rebate are listed and pictured in the Walgreens link I posted under "rebate deals." Is that what you meant?