Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Savings Tip: Check Your Receipts

Yesterday I was doing some Christmas shopping at K-Mart, and when the cashier rang up my order, I was surprised to find my total after coupons to be about $5 more than I had expected. When I asked him if a clearance item had rung up at the correct price, he said yes. I decided to go ahead and pay and look at it afterwards.

As I was walking out, I looked over my receipt, only to discover that I had been overcharged for one item and one of my coupons hadn't been applied. I returned to the cashier, who gave me back the coupon he hadn't applied, sending me on to customer service. The lady at customer service was very helpful in getting it sorted out, and I left much happier with what I'd spent--$3.44 for about $25 worth of merchandise.

As a funny side note, I looked through the Post-It notes to see if I could find some clearanced ones to use with the Post-It coupons. I found a package with a price tag of $.49--it looked years old, dirty, and moldy, but an overage treasure in my book--and it appeared to have a coupon inside the package. :-) It rang up at $.10.

I opened the package, curious about the coupon. It was for a whopping $.55 off Super-Sticky Notes. The funny part? It expired June 30, 2004. I won't be using that one any time soon!