Friday, June 20, 2008

Walgreens deals: June 22-28

Revlon color cosmetics: BOGO; use 2 $3/1 coupon from 6/1 insert. Final cost: will vary

Edge shave gel: 7-day coupon for 1.99; use this printable coupon for $1 off. Total cost: 1.00 (Could someone tell me if there is an IVC on this product? It's been reported that there is, but I don't have my EasySaver booklet at the moment.)

Hawaiian Tropic sun care: BOGO; use $2 IVC. Total cost: Will vary

Theragran M: BOGO; buy two and mail in for full-price EasySaver rebate. Total cost: 2 for free

The following deals are part of a single RR deal: buy a combined total of $15 (before coupons), get $5 RR.

Ragu pasta sauce: 3/$5; use coupon from 5/18 insert (varies from .25/1 to 1.00/3). Total cost: will vary, but should be around .86 each

Lipton boxed tea: 3/$5; use coupon from 5/18 insert (varies from .50/1 to 1.00/2). Total cost: will vary, but should be around .61 each

June FAR items:

Multi-Betic Multi-Vitamins, 60 pack, up to $9.99; use $2 coupon from the Diabetic Products site (must complete brief diabetes-related survey) for $2 profit.

Walgreens Gluco-Shot, 2 oz, up to $1.99.

Walgreens Calcium Creamies, 75 pack, up to $5.99.

Walgreens Water Filtration Replacement Cartridge, up to $6.99

Theragran M, 130 pack, up to $4.99.

Ecotrin Low-Strength Tablets, 45 pack, up to $2; use $1 coupon from 5/11 newspaper insert.

For this week's ad scans, compliments of Hot Coupon World and Irish Lass, click here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting this up so early! Just curious how you came up with the Ragu price though? If it is 3/$5 than its 1.60 each minus .25/1 MQ = 1.41 or so.

Bethany said...


Thanks for asking. Both the Ragu and Lipton tea total prices included the $5 RR from buying $15 worth of products.

Anonymous said...

I have seen several tearpads with $1/1 Walgreens coups for weeks now for Edge shaving cream. They will probably pull them down with the sale though...

cynthiagilbert said...

There's a $3/1 Hawaiian Tropic manufacturer coupon in the Long's flyer this week that could be stacked with the $2 IVC to increase savings.(I used Long's $3/1 Banana Boat manufacturer coupon last week at Target where it was on sale for $5.39.)

Anonymous said...

i had 2 rather disturbing incidences at 2 dif. walgreens. I tried to buy the $15 worth of ragu ice cream, etc. and used one of the RR from the tooth brushes. It is a P&G RR, and the new deal is a Unilever. but each time it did not print the $5 RR. I had them credit me and run it back thru W/O the extra RR, and it did print the new RR. But they said, that you cannot use RR on a deal that prints new RR, which I have been doing for months since i started shopping at walgreen's. So I am very distraught. Has this happened to anyone, the managers at both stores said they cannot change the catalina printing, that it is only automatically done. any suggestions. Thanks.
i don't mean to be anonymous, but it is the only way i know to enter a message.

Anonymous said...

"The following deals are part of a single RR deal: buy a combined total of $15 (before coupons), get $5 RR."

i just reread this, and i assume this is why the $5.50 RRs are not working on this purchase because they are a coupon being taken off the total of $15 so i will have to buy something else to total at least 20.50 to use the $5.50 RR. Is that correct, will it work then? Thank you

Arlecchina said...

There is an IVC on the Edge shave gel, but it's the opposite of the 7-day coupon. The IVC specifies three varieties of Edge, and the 7-day coupon excludes them. I found that out the hard way when I went to check out today, but I just used the 7-day coupon by itself because Hubs needed shaving gel!