Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Walgreens Q+A: Register Rewards

I rarely bother to do the Walgreens RRs because when I do I usually have problems with the cashiers. Often the RRs don't print even when I buy the correct product. Once... the manager refused to let me use a RR, he said it could only be used on a certain product even though the RR clearly stated "any product on your next visit...." These were... different managers at the same Walgreens store. I have better luck at other Walgreens locations--Cindy


I have a few pointers that would hopefully improve your Register Rewards experience.

1. Since you know which stores are nicer to work with, shop there.

2. If your RRs don't print and you're sure you've purchased the correct products, save your receipt and call Catalina at 888-826-8766 or email them. They should mail you the missing RR.

3. If you have problems at a store, email Walgreens customer service with a detailed description. Be polite but firm.

4. Be courteous through it all. It's better to miss out on a deal then to blow up at a cashier--even an unreasonable one.

Any other tips from Walgreens veterans? How do you handle it when deals don't work out like they should?


Anonymous said...

The most important thing I've found with the RRs is that when you use them as part of your payment they count as coupons, and Walgreens does not allow more coupons than you have items. So make sure that you tally up your items and your coupons- including the RRs- to make sure that you come out even or you have more items than coupons. You can always throw in a small filler item to make up the difference.

Also, I have heard that often the ladies working the beauty counter are more helpful, though I have not really noticed one way or another.

Don't give up on the RRs- once I spent $23 at Walgreens and got back $26 in RRs which I then used to purchase all of my FAR deals. Now I have enough on my gift card that I shouldn't have to spend anything in that store for awhile!