Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walgreens: June/July overlap deals

The following are deals that overlap between the June and July EasySaver periods. They are only good on Friday and Saturday, June 27 & 28. As always when using more than one IVC, YMMV.

Airwick Ultra Starter Kit: $5.99, use $4 printable coupon. Send in for $3 July EasySaver rebate. Total cost: $1 overage

Maalox chewables: $3.99; use $2 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $2 manufacturer's coupon from the 6/1 newspaper insert. Total cost: $2 overage

Nutripals: $6.49, some clearanced to $4.79; use $1.50 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $1 manufacturer's coupon from 4/13 newspaper insert. Total cost: $.29 or more

Hershey's bag candy: Use $1/2 June IVC; send in for July $5 rebate WYB $15. Total cost: will vary

Benefiber: $6.79; use $3 June IVC, $2 July IVC, and $2 manufacturer's coupon from 4/13, 5/18, or 6/22 newspaper insert. Total cost: $.21 overage

I don't know of any amazing deals with the following, but in case you're interested:

June IVC: $1/2
July IVC: $1/2
6/1 manufacturer's coupon: $.75/1

OFF Repellent
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/22 manufacturer's coupon: $.55/1

Cutter Repellent
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/15 manufacturer's coupon: $1/1

Raid 2 pack
June IVC: $1
July IVC: $1
6/15 manufacturer's coupon: $1.50/1

Duracell Coppertop
June IVC: $2
July IVC: $1
5/18 manufacturer's coupon: $.50-1.00/1

Energizer hearing aid batteries
June IVC: $2
July IVC: $2
Printable $2 manufacturer's coupon

While you're working the overlap deals, don't forget the $5/20 coupon for Friday and the July FAR items. And in case your store hasn't put out the new EasySaver booklets yet, you can print your July IVCs from the Walgreens website.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Walgreens deals that you post. I have benefited many times! Do you know if the $5 off of $20 coupon can be used to purchase stamps?

mom_of2boys said...

I wish my Walgreens stores would put the July book out before the 1st of the month. I'd like to catch these deals!

Bethany said...


YMMV, but you should be able to use the $5/20 for stamps.


You can still do it! Follow the link at the bottom of my post to the July EasySaver booklet and print the coupons you need. :-)

Anonymous said...

The reg price of airwick is 9.99 not 5.99. The 5.99 is after the 4.00 easy saver rebate.

Holly said...

What does YMMV mean?

Holly said...

I purchased today(friday 27) 3 Planters Trail Mix (ip $.99) & got $1 cat. I don't know if 2 would've worked.


rlucterh said...

My store didn't have their July ESR catalog out either! Grrrr...I was still able to get the Maalox for less than $4, but I really wanted the Benefiber!!!!

NeedANap2 said...

Thanks for the Airwick info and link to the coupon, it worked just like you said!! :)

I didn't do the Fri $5 coupon (just couldn't get over there.

For everyone - when my store doesn't have the ESR out I just ask for it. I had to ask today (Sat) actually.