Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walgreens: $10/$30 ***Friday only***

Walgreens is doing another $10/$30 promotion, with this one being good tomorrow only. Click here to print your coupon.

There aren't too many deals in this week's ad, but the June EasySaver period begins on Friday (the EasySaver booklet is available here), so you can start picking up June rebate items. There are also a few overlapping May/June deals, which I plan to post about later today. And don't forget to grab any remaining May rebate items you're lacking. (If you use online rebate submission, it shouldn't be a problem to have May and June items on the same receipt.)


Anonymous said...

What I am looking for my 10/#30 + filler is appliances. With the $10easy saver rebate and $10 coupon, I can get an appliance for $9.99

Becky@FamilyandFinances said...

Do you know if the $30 is before or after coupons? I'm just wondering how they tend to handle this.

Bethany said...


YMMV. I have consistently have success using the x/xx coupons in combination with other coupons, but I've heard reports of others having trouble. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend having a total of over $30 after Walgreens coupons (because those are tied into their computer system), but I really don't think manufacturer's coupons should be a problem. For instance, last week with the $5/20 coupon, I paid around $4.00 after coupons (mostly tax).