Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day-to-day coupon organization

As a follow-up to the post about my coupon box, here's how I handle coupons each week... at least in theory! :-)

1. Clip all coupons from the Sunday newspaper inserts.

2. Decide which ones to keep. The ones I'm not keeping, I put in a pile to mail to military families.

3. Sort by category. I also arrange mine by expiration date, so that the coupons expiring first are always in the front. It makes it simpler when I'm discarding expireds or attempting to use up coupons.


The Mom of 'em said...

i tried to sort by category...but it seems I'm still always digging and digging in the store. I'm wondering if anyone had tried alphabetical by brand....wondered if that worked for anyone. Love your blog!