Saturday, April 19, 2008

Walgreens deals: April 20-26

Palmolive dish soap: 7-day coupon for 2/1.89. Use with $1/2 coupons from 3/30 paper inserts. Palmolive qualifies for EasySaver rebate #13 ($10 back when you spend $20), so you could potentially make money on this deal. Here's the math when you buy 12 bottles (assuming a regular price of 1.89 each):

x 12
-6.00 (6 $1/2 coupons)
-11.34 (7-day coupon)
-10.00 (EasySaver rebate)
(4.66) profit

Rimmel makeup: BOGO; use with 2 $1/1 mascara coupons from 3/16 paper insert. Total cost: will vary.

Aveeno skin and bath care: Buy 4, get $10 RR; use $1 printable here or $1/1 from 1/20, 3/2, and 4/6 paper inserts and 1.50/2 from 1/20 and 4/6 paper inserts. The lowest priced item is listed as $2.39. Your total will vary depending upon which products you buy, but you should be able to make a bit of profit on this deal.

Updated deal from Money Saving Mom:

First, go to KMart and pick up at least four of the Beauty's in Bloom booklets. These contain a coupon for $2/1 Aveeno product.
Buy 4 Aveeno Daily Moisturizing (2.5 oz. -- not all stores carry these) priced at $2.63 each
Use four $2/1 coupons
Spend $2.52 out of pocket plus tax
Get a $10 Register Reward!

Adult wash cloths: $2, send in for EasySaver rebate #11. Final cost: FREE.

April FAR items:

AquaFresh toothpaste, 5.6 or 6.0 oz., up to $3.99; use this $2 printable or $1 coupon from 2/10 newspaper insert. Profit: up to $2.

Colgate 360 Clean or Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush, up to $3.99; use the $1 printable found here. Profit: up to $1.

Soyjoy Bar, 1.06 oz, up to $1.39; use the Free Soyjoy bar coupon from the 1/6 newspaper insert. Expires 3/31. Profit: up to $1.39.

Just for Men hair color, up to $8.29; register at the Just for Men site to get a $2 coupon and request a rebate receipt for this $8 manufacturer's rebate on any Just for Men haircolor or this $8 manufacturer's rebate for Touch of Gray products. Note: The EasySaver booklet lists only the Touch of Gray hair color, but the Walgreens website claims that many other products are also included. Profit: up to $10.

Tums QuikPak, 24 doses, up to $4.49; use $1 coupon from 3/16 newspaper insert or the printable available here. Profit: $1.

Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush or Kabuki brush, up to $4.99; use this $2 printable for the blush. Profit: $2.00.

Wal-Zyr 24-Hour Allergy Relief, 10 mg, 5 tablets, up to $3.99. Total cost: free.

Wal-Itin 10 mg tablets, 30 pack, up to 6.99. Total cost: free.

This week's ad scans may be found by clicking here, compliments of Irish Lass and Hot Coupon World.
What other deals do you see?


CC said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Palmolive deal. I have some RR to spend. Dish soap is perfect not only because I can save a few for me, but I can donate the rest to our school's holiday boxes in December.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the preview, Bethany!

I tagged you for a meme: 7 things you may not know about me. Hope you will play along! :-)

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Thanks for the Palmolive tip. I'm still digging around for my 3/30 circular though! :-(

TaggTroop said...

As far as the rebate #13 goes, does it all have to be on the same transaction or can it be split up throughout the month?

Bethany said...


In the past, Walgreens' policy has been to accept purchases from multiple receipts.

Sophia said...

Just a FYI - the printable $0.40 Palmolive coupon is only for Scrub Buster. Or at least that's the coupon I got at the link! :) Thanks for the great deal information!!

Kim Marquart said...

I am so lost on the walgreens terminology etc....Anywhere I can learn how to do walgreens and save????

Bethany said...


Thank you for pointing that out--I removed the coupon link.


Here is a glossary of terms that should help. Additionally, I'm hoping to compile a Walgreens beginner's guide. If you (or other readers) have specific questions I could help with, please share them, and I'll do my best to help. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Walgreens shopping and I have a question....Walgreens has the Contour Glucose Monitor for $9.99 with a $9.99 rebate (in the box) this week. I have a coupon for $30 off. How will that work? Will they reduce it down to 9.99? If I have another $20 worth of stuff will they discount my whole total $30? Or will they not accept it at all because it is more than the item itself costs? Thanks.

glenda said...

another fun one this week..not free but the buy 2 Revlon Beauty tools and nail polish, get the polish free via rebate. Revlon nail polish is b1g1 this week and there are coupons for beauty tools (don't know the dates..sorry) $1/1 and $1/1 as well as their is another $1 coupon for any Revlon product. Not a bad deal, especially if you have any EOB toe seperators from CVS. Combine those with the Revlon Emory Boards (tools) and nail free nail polish combined for a cute (cheap) gift.

Hope that made sense.

Bethany said...


It depends a lot on your store. Some stores will accept the coupons, others will adjust it down, while still others will tell you they can't take it. I would suggest that you just try it and see. :-)

Mel said...

so I haven't had the greatest luck with walgreens.....since their "rules" aren't anywhere to be found, it has pretty much been trial and error with me which means a lot of time spent with the manager but even half of them don't know and can't explain why certain things won't work with coupons and this weeks question is how do you buy so many soaps if it says the limit is 2? if you are supposed to send rebates on one receipt and how long does it take to get your back?? THANK YOU!!

Bethany said...


I'm sorry about your frustration... Sometimes things get better with time, as you, yourself, learn how the deals work, even if employees don't understand it. Regarding limited items, most stores don't actually enforce those limits. If you don't want to draw so much attention to yourself, you might do one transaction with six soaps and have another family member buy another six soaps. You will only need one Walgreens coupon per transaction--the register automatically applies the coupon to each of the soap purchases.

Rebates do not have to be on one receipt. You can send in as many as you need to.

The rebate return time varies, but it takes a while. If you get your rebate on a gift card, having it reloaded usually takes less time than getting a new card or having them mail you a check. The gift card reload often takes about a month, unless you're able to file it online. (I haven't done that myself, but have heard it generally takes less than a week to get the card reloaded.)