Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kroger: Cheap razors

If you have a Kroger in your area, you might check for Gillette Fusion Phenom razors on clearance. My local store had the manual ones for $4.50. Combine this with the $4 P&G coupons that expired on 3/31 (Kroger usually takes coupons for two weeks after their expiration), and you'll have razors for $.50!


Anonymous said...

Really? Kroger takes coupons 2 weeks after their expiration? Should I check with the customer service desk before trying to this?

Anonymous said...

My Kroger wouldn't even take a coupon 5 minutes after midnight for me one time!!! The cashier claimed that the computer system can see when they're scanned and she'd get in trouble.

Bethany said...


I had heard this several times, but still wondered, so I called the store and asked to speak to someone who could answer a question about coupons. (I prefer calling, because I think it's easier to get to someone who actually knows the answer to the question, rather than someone who simply feels they need to give some sort of answer.) Sure enough, the gentleman I spoke with informed me that they could take the coupons for up to two weeks after expiration. I've since used them with no problems.