Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kroger: Amazing deals this week

Earlier this week I heard about some amazing deals at Kroger, but was disappointed to find the deals at my own store rather measly. However, I was quite thrilled to see this week's flier, and realize that they're now doing the promotion here. And I heard a rumor that it's continuing until around April 13, so keep your eyes open...

The sales are listed below, with a huge thanks to Stretching a Buck. For more details, check out the full post by clicking here. For more coupon match-ups, stop by The New Frugal Mom.

If I am reading the ad correctly, the Mega Mix & Match works like this: if you purchase 10 participating items, you get $5 off your order. You can work this deal 3 times per transaction. All of the sale prices listed below are AFTER the $5 off. I am hoping to go to Kroger today or tomorrow, and will post any tips or issues I had if any.

Here is my current list of deals. Listed deals assume you buy 10 participating items. All coupons are from Sunday paper inserts unless otherwise noted. Bear with is a LONG list:

* Pillsbury Crescents - sale $0.50/ea; FREE after $0.25/1 coupon

* Pillsbury Sweet/Cinnamon Rolls - sale $0.50/ea; FREE after $0.30/1 coupon

* French's Yellow Mustard - sale $0.50/ea; FREE after $0.30/1 coupon

* Pillsbury Dinner Bread/Pizza Crust - sale $1/ea; FREE after $0.50/1 coupon or $0.60/ea after $0.40/2 coupon

* Shout Laundry Stain Remover - sale $1.50/ea; FREE after $0.75/1 coupon

* Pillsbury Grands Biscuits - sale $0.50/ea; 2 for $0.20/ea after $0.30/2 coupon

* Progresso Light Soup - sale $1/ea; $0.50/ea after $0.25/1 coupon

* Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers - sale $0.50/ea

* Haagen-Dazs 4-4.3 oz cups - sale $0.50/ea

* Kroger Brand Pretzels - $0.50/ea

* Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $0.50/ea

* Special K Cereal - sale $2/ea; $0.60/ea after $0.70/1 coupon PLUS use this coupon for $1 off of produce if you buy 2 boxes of Special K

* Texas Frozen Garlic Toast - sale $1.50/ea; $0.70/ea after $0.40/1 coupon

* Windex - sale $1.50; $0.70/ea after $0.40/1 coupon

* Dole 4-pack Fruit Cups or 24.5 oz jar - sale $1.50/ea; 2 for $0.75/ea after $0.75/1 coupon

* Special K Bars or Bites - sale $2/ea; $0.90/ea after $0.55/1 coupon

* Ziploc 7-25 ct Storage Bags - sale $2/ea; $0.90/ea after $0.55/1 coupon or $1/ea after $1/1 coupon

* Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - sale $1.50/ea; 2 for $1/ea after $1/2 coupon

* Newman's Own Salad Dressing - sale $2/ea; $1/ea after $0.50/1 coupon

* Dannon 4-8 pack Yogurt - sale $2/ea; $1/ea after $1/1 coupon

* Domino 4 lb Bags of Sugar - sale $1.50/ea; 2 for $0.95/ea after $0.55/2 coupon or 2 for $1.05/ea after $0.45/2 coupon

* Hot, Lean or Croissant Pockets - sale $1.50/ea; 3 for $1.17/ea after $1/3 coupon

* Welch's Grape Juice - sale $2/ea; 2 for $1.50 after $1/2 coupon

* Kraft Shredded or Bars of Cheese - sale $1.50/ea (you can freeze this)

* Kraft Cheese Singles 12 oz - sale $1.50/ea (you can freeze this)

OTHER DEALS (not part of Mix & Match Event):

* 4 Pack Cottonelle Toilet Paper - sale $0.99/ea; $0.49/ea after $0.25/1 coupon

* Bertolli Frozen Pasta Entrees - sale $4.99/ea; $3.49/ea after $1.50/1 coupon, or you can print 2, $2.50/1 coupons here, which will make these $2.49/ea!

* Coke Products - 4/$10 (must buy 4 to get this price)

* Campbells Soups - 10/$10; $0.80 or less each when you use $0.40/4, $0.40/3 or $0.25/4 coupons


Meredith said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad my post was helpful! :)

Kerri in WV said...

Using the "50cent Hot Pocket Calzone" Q you pay 50cents for each.

There are also "$1 off Pillsbury Pizza Crusts", making them free.

Terri said...

Does these prices reflect tripling your coupons? I went to Kroger last night and did very well for all that I got, but mine did not come out "free". For example the Cottonelle ran up as $1.00 and I used my Q for $0.25/1 and they doubled it for a price of $0.49, but the Shout ran up for $1.50 (after Mega Sale Event) and I used my $0.75/1, but mine was not doubled so I paid $0.75 for the bottle, which is great, but not "free".

In the end I also had to have the Service desk give me $5.00 back since my third $5.00 did not print on the receipt. I had bought 30 of the products, but I originally only got back $10.00 back. The service clerk looked and I did buy 30 of the products.

karen1229 said...

Terri, you probably ran into the same issue as I have at my store...they triple to 39c and double to 50c so I didn't get as much of those free deals either...but it was still pretty great prices.

BTW...has anyone else had issue with their Kroger not accepting printed coupons? Mine refused and only will take original newspaper type coupons :-(.