Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kroger: Midwest deals

Kroger had some good deals last week that they've continued this week. Here's what I noticed in the ad.

The following are part of a "$3 off your order when you buy 10 qualifying items" promotion...

Breyer's ice cream: $1.97 after discount

Totino's pizza rolls: $1; use .35 printables available here, here, and here; free after coupon and discount

What other Kroger deals do you see this week?


Rini said...

For the Totinos pizza rolls deal, my calculations don't appear to agree with yours...

$1.00 sale price
- $0.35 coupon
= $0.65 price after coupons.

$0.65 * 10 = $6.50 total price - $3.00 discount = $3.50 final price (or $0.35 each).

Am I missing something?

Bethany said...


Thanks for pointing that out. I missed a step in my explanation: I was assuming that others' local Kroger stores also double coupons of that value.

April said...

My Kroger doubles and triples up to 4. I have a few great kroger deals posted for this week.